Sri Veera Hanuman Nursery

Galphimia Glauca

We manufacture and supply world class Galphimia Glauca shrubs which are small ever green tropical shrub that grows up to 6 ft in height. Our Galphimia Glauca grows fast into a neat round shaped structure. The Galphimia Glauca offered by us has several slender stems that are red in color and forms a dense twiggy mass covered in light green oblong leaves. Commonly known as Thryallis, these shrubs smother themselves with yellow blossoms in later summer. The fflowers of our Thryallis are about ¾ in diameter and are held in 4 to 6 clusters at stem.

Region Found In : Tropical areas extending from Mexico to Guatemala in Central Americaâ

Usage :
  • Best for shearing into low hedges
  • Used in foundation plantings beneath windows
  • Great background plant for perennial beds
  • Large scale groundcovers
  • Useful for preventing hillside erosion
  • Greenhouses and conservatories
Praised For :
  • Forms dense, attractive and functional barriers
  • Low-maintenance landscapes
  • Easy to grow
  • Drought resistant
  • Blooms almost all year around

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