Sri Veera Hanuman Nursery

Plumbago capensis

We are proud to present supreme Plumbago capensis which is an ever green shrub that in the form of vine if tied to a trellis. Originally a native of South Africa, our Plumbago capensis is one of the best tropical shrubs available in the market.

Flowers : Pale blue 1 inch flowers bloom in phlox-like clusters all year long.

Fruit : The fruit is a sticky bur.

Cultivation :
  • Need at least 4 hours of full sun per day
  • Night temperatures of 45 to 50°
  • Day temperatures of 60 to 80°
  • Humidity of 40 to 60% is desirable

Propagation : Plumbago capensis is propagated by division or stem cuttings rooted in moist vermiculite

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